Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Smith Family Update for March 09

Thought I would give all of you an update on what is going on with the Jacob and Melissa Smith Family. Winter is finally coming to an end and so is Utah's Legislative General Session. It has been fun following the process and not so fun cutting budgets to accomodate the recent recession. The good news is that my job is not part of the cuts, so we will be employed for at least another 2 years. Fortunately, (and unfortunately) I deal with state agencies where the workload increases during recessions and have been put in charge of analyzing and recommending action to be taken by the state on my related areas with the American Reinvesment and Recovery Act (the stimilus bill). As a result of the budget cuts, tracking legislative bills, preparing analyses, and dealing with advocates and agencies, I am swamped with work and have accrued over 100 hours of comp time since the new year. We are planning on some long vacations this summer to use those hours up.

Melissa is doing surprisingly well. She hasn't gotten sick at all with this pregnancy and it is a reassurance when we go to the doctor to know that everything is okay. She hasn't put on any weight either and the doctor actually asked her if she has been eating. She has a little bit of a bulge, but nothing that noticeable. She is very busy with volunteering at school, teaching Sapphira, and keeping track of Zachariah.

Melissa and I were recently got a new calling at church as Rebekah's primary teachers. Let me tell you, teaching her class is much easier than the Sunbeams!

Rebekah is doing excellent at school. The other week Melissa scared me when she told me the principal called about Rebekah. Fortunately, it was to let us know that she is very smart and pays attention very well in class. We are lucky to have her as our first. Our neighborhood is crawling with friends for her. Rebekah astonishes me with her reading ability. I don't think I could read in Kindergarten at all, yet she is reading regular kids books.

Sapphira is really starting to get a passion for learning. She is writing her letters and wants to read. She loves Tinker Bell. She is my little tink - smart, cute, sassy, attitude, passionate, kind, etc. She has so much energy and always so positive. Just a warning for all of you, she is very honest but in an innocent way. If she comments on you zit, don't be offended.

Zachariah is finally starting to talk. He is almost comprehensible, but his focus is more on playing with our new siamese kitten, Xanga, and reorganizing the shelves. He is a handful, but if you give him some books, he'll be content for hours. He loves to wrestle and tease his sisters. Its fun having a boy. I'm looking forward to having 2!

Hope all of you are doing well. Congratulations, Missy, with the engagement. We're planning on making the trip and calling it our big summer vacation.

Friday, February 27, 2009

We went to the Doctor today and had an Ultrasound. We found out that IT IS A BOY!!! He is due at the end of August. We have no idea what the name is going to be. It is a good thing we have a while to figure it out. YAY. 2 boys and 2 girls is perfect.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sapphira is our carrot eater. Give her some carrots and she will love you forever. She loves our new house and the neighborhood. I think she finally feels a sense of stability. Jake and I are now her nursery teachers again and she loves it. she is very social and likes to help the other kids out. We are very proud of her and hope she continues to do well.

Here is our little school girl. She loves her new teacher and loves going to school. She is making lots of friends. We had our first Parent Teacher Conference and found out that she is doing great. When she had her test to see how she was doing the only things she missed was her phone number and address. She was tested 2 weeks after we moved. We are very proud of her.

Here is our "Monkey Boy" he loves climbing into things. He still loves wearing his monkey costume to bed. He has been nick named the "orangutan boy" because when you tell him you want a hug, he puts his hands in the air and waddles over to give you a hug. He is pretty darn cute!!!!!!!!
Hello everyone. I am trying to figure this whole blog thing out. I hope that I will be able to keep up with the rest of you. I will try to keep this up to date, but no promises.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello Everyone!